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BrilliantVision was founded in 2007 and started off creating solutions for small to mid-size companies including educational institutions. Understanding our customers' problems and building the right solutions to solve their challenges has been at our core since the beginning.

Most solutions were Windows based applications solving mission critical scenarios for our customers. Later on, we shifted our focus towards mobile and web applications and successfully delivered applications that served millions of users world-wide.
Throughout our journey, we've learned a deep expertise what it means to fulfill and exceed our customers' expectations. We've acquired extensive experience in building software solutions that feel intuitive to users, and fit into their workflow processes. We've also learned how important it is to build solutions that are secure, reliable and resilient. These expectations build the basis for the solutions we produce - because software solutions that are not secure or do not withstand higher load or irregular usage patterns are detrimental to the trust of the customers we build for.
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